8 most useful AR-15 Handguard Options of 2021 (Free drift & Drop In Handguards)

8 most useful AR-15 Handguard Options of 2021 (Free drift & Drop In Handguards)

8 most useful AR-15 Handguard Options of 2021 (Free drift & Drop In Handguards)

100 % free Drift vs Lose In Handguards: Why We Advocate Free Floating

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Any allows against their barrel could affect the precision of any photosaan benefit that grows more obvious as ranges greatly enhance. Standard decrease in handguards hit your cask. Merely griping your very own lower in handguard, sitting it on a surface, or connecting gear to it can for that reason influence consistency.

Zero-cost move handguards stop this matter. Given that the name proposes, they may be clear of contact from your cask and “float” from your own higher individual into the handguard.

Lengthy cost-free move handguards also can make it easier to rest your own handguard on an exterior any time shooting, rather than sitting their barrel right. Again, this maintains your own consistency from enduring on account of something generating touching the cask.

The lack of get in touch with produced by free drift handguards may also decrease the heat taken in because of the handguard since it’s further away and will be offering even more ventilation system.

We are going to manage the remainder of free of cost move handguards’ perks contained in this positives and negatives variety of free move handguards vs decrease in handguards:

Zero-cost Drift Handguard


  • Improves consistency by steering clear of touching barrel, as much as 1 MOA.
  • Will absorb much less heat than fall in handguards made from equal content.
  • Absolutely free move handguards in addition to low-profile petrol prevents might end up being beyond decline in handguards.
  • Generally speaking give way more room and mounting details for gadgets.
  • The majority of people locate them to check a lot better than a standard build.


Handguard Amount

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Usually, for a longer time is most effective in the case of handguards in my view, at any rate unless you get to the max point that one can comfortably achieve or maybe you get to the end of any barrel (EXCLUDING your own muzzle technology).

The only important downsides we read to further handguards would be the enhanced body weight together with the proven fact that these people place more excess body fat towards front from the rifle. Like for example, a 15″ Aero preciseness “Enhanced M-LOK” handguard weighs in at 5.72 oz a lot more than a 9″ handguard of the identical build.

Inspite of the more weight, I’m generally starting about a 14″ handguard as much as possible. and I also bring short stubby hands.

Installing Systems: M-Lok vs KeyMod vs Quad Train

You will find three biggest AR-15 setting devices: Picatinny railway, M-Lok, and KeyMod. Within the graphics below, these Daniel Defense AR-15s host the correct mounting programs to their handguards (in order):

  • Quad Picatinny rail.
  • Picatinny rail at the top, M-Lok on sides and lower.
  • Picatinny railway at the top, KeyMod on corners and bottom.

Quad rail tends to be unjustifiably heavy, though complete great if not. Usually, it really is at this point favourite to experience just a Picatinny railway over the top, consequently M-Lok or KeyMod elsewhere to reduce their handguard.

We’ve secure M-Lok vs KeyMod thoroughly, but here’s the summary:

M-Lok vs KeyMod – In research by U.S. SOCOM, this pair of mounting devices had been in comparison in “Repeatability”, “Endurance”, “harsh Handling”, “lower Test”, and “troubles bunch”. KeyMod and M-Lok carried out similar in Endurance and Rough care, but M-Lok outperformed KeyMod on the other half three performance metrics.

With all this, we would endorse M-Lok about severe objective, though you can go with whatever you want if you are just establishing a rifle for any vary.

Handguard Resources

The majority of free move handguards are intended of 6061 (T6) aluminum. When We’ve discussed in the most useful AR-15 removed lower receiver guidelines, this is certainly a less-strong mix than’s frequently suitable for receiversa7075 (T6). With that said, 6061 (T6) is over tough adequate for a low-stress a part of the rifle, like the handguard.

For many aided by the finances, carbon dioxide soluble fiber is generally a stronger-yet-lighter alternative for complimentary drift handguards. Carbon fibre in addition do a more satisfactory job at maybe not digesting temperature than metal. The fee huge difference, though, is fairly important.

The Faxon FX5500 w/ escort service in Columbia MO Carbon Dioxide Fiber Handguard

Compound, with a metal temperature guard, is usually employed for lose in handguards. It really is lightweight than aluminum but may well not secure secured gadgets besides.

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